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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Welcome to Laurel Hills - Yuch!

My partnet Walt and I played the new "upscale" Fairfax County golf Course Laurel Hill yesterday (Saturday) in Lorton Virginia. This course is built on the site of the old D.C. Lorton prison. The gaurd towers and dormitories are still standing. The towers no longer keep people in, but should be a warning to those fool hearty enough to enter this God-forsaken golf course.

I knew there was going to be trouble when we arrived and saw mounds of fill dirt dotting the property and an unfinshed clubhouse greeting us. The clubhouse has been heavily advertised in local publications as opening in "Spring of 2006." Now granted it's early in Spring of 2006 but it looked no where complete. When I asked the starter when it would be finished he said "we were told today September." Ah the joys of government building projects.

The clubhouse now was a trailer with some golf related products scatterred around and no bathrooms. The only recourse for the bladded challenged were porta pottys. When we went to pay the lady behind the counter she said "that'll be $79 dollars."
"But my receipt from Teetimes.com said $60 when I made the reservations 2 weeks earlier. "
"Sorry teetimes was having technical difficulties and we're not responsible."
Yeah, no kiddin'.

We paid our fees and started our round. We just couldn't see the upscale in any of this. There were no par markers on the tees and the fairways were in terrible condition with divots dotting the fairways and mounds of unsightly dirt scatted around like bunkers. Now granted this was early in the season, but with cnsitions like this the grenns fees should have been lower.

Mercifully it started to downpour on hole 10. We waited to see if it would pass but it seemed intent on turning those mounds of dirt into chocolate pudding. We dove back to the "clubhouse" for a raincheck (yeah I know, but this cost us a lot of money.)

Bottom line - Save your money and go to Greendale!


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