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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Playing with Seniors (Very Seniors)

I played twice last week - with mature golfers. On Thursday I played with 76 year old Jerry. He was a fit 76 and played with personalized yellow golf balls he got from his family at his 75th birthday bash. They were engraved with "Happy 75th Birthday Pop-pop. Which was kind of neat - except everytime he lobbed one into the woods we spent a lot of time searching for those little treasures. I said "Jerry don't worry I have plenty of balls - I'm a starter, I find dozens." This was a bit of an exaggeration but I wanted to get the game moving.
I was afraid the group behind us was getting antzy until I saw who was playing behind us. It was a foursome-some including the famous, and old, Mr. Soon. Mr. Soon was 93 years old and 5 foot nothing. He played everyday and walked while carrying his own clubs. I knew we would be ok.

I played again that Friday morning and I was paired with, who else, buy Mr. Soon. We were put with 2 other golfers. The one other golfer was not the most accurate of hitters. He would place the ball on the tee and whack at it sending it off almost perpendicularly to the right of the tee. Mr. Soon would wait patiently, at the right of the tee, oblivious to the dangers an errant ball could have to his continued longevity. A hit by one of these missiles would reduce Mr. Soon to a puff of yellow dust. After more near misses and no inclination from the errant golfer to change his swing I convinced Mr. Soon, with sign language that if he didn't move he would not be playing golf for a very long time.
He survived.


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