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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Confessions of a Golf Marshall

Ahh the joys of volunteer work. Last Sunday was my day to be a Starter/Marshall at Pinecrest Golf course. I do this for free golf.
It was an interesting day. A group of three young men with 2 bags showed me a ticket but with only one paid round. I told them to go back and pay for another. They said only 2 of them will play. I reminded them that you need a bag for each player and all players must pay. they said "no problem." Well of course there was a problem. I drove around and sure enough three of them were hitting balls. Once again I reminded them and they said "sure we're sorry we didn't understand." Right.

Another interesting scenario. I was driving the cart around and I saw 2 people climbing over back hoes, and dirt, behind a sign that says No trespassing. A few weeks ago during a severe rainstorm the pond backed up behind a dam formed by beer and soda bottles and other debris. The dam gave way and the rushing water swept away a walk way. th area was closed for safety until it could be fixed.

When I saw these two (it was a man and a woman well dressed and with an attitude.) I asked them "do you belong there?" The man said "I live here!" I said "You live behind that cyclone fence?"
"I live in those town houses" he pointed to the townhouses surrounding the course.
"But you don't live there so get out?"
He was irate " I pay $500 a month mortgage to live there."
I left those 2 dummies and there $500 mortgage climbing the dirt and informed the golf course manager.


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